We develop customized systems that adhere to the highest industry standards & provide clients with the best solutions for their company’s needs.

Custom Applications

Affordable, personalized, and streamlined Point-of-Sale, Enterprise Resource Planning, Time Attendance systems and more.

​Software Testing and QA

Adherence to Industry standards, proven results evaluating software quality, and comprehensive review of program design and implementation.

Maintenance and Support

Quality procedures designed to improve product longevity, highly qualified customer support professionals, a company-wide pledge.

IT Consulting Services

Comprehensive and reliable consulting services, thorough analysis of our client’s needs and infrastructure, and actionable IT initiatives.

System Integration

State-of-the-art technologies dedicated professionals with years of experience, and a commitment to serving the needs of our clients.

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

Tailor-made applications, reliable infrastructure, and other outsourcing services focused on keeping your business agile and secure.

Custom GPS Tracking

We develop custom real-time location tracking software across GPS networks, and integrate with third-party weather and traffic APIs, delivering real-time, actionable, spatial and environmental data.

Logistics Management GPS Development

We program real-time routing and re-routing software, for efficient fleet and logistics management. This software integrates with location-based software and GPS tracking technologies.

GPS Software Integration

We develop custom location tracking APIs to integrate with existing enterprise software applications, and these apps include IP detection features. We also integrate with 3rd party mapping APIs including Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Bing Maps.

Geocoding Development
and Integration

Maple Teletech team creates geocoding software with API integration, designed to identify street addresses, landmarks and other areas of interest, and accurately locate land features, optimize routes, and make informed decisions based on both addresses and geographic data.

Custom Reverse Geocoding 

We program reverse geocoding capabilities through integration with third party APIs. We then gather information on particular coordinates and develop applications with custom mapping display features.

Location Services and Targeted Messaging

We integrate location services marketing automation tools, including beaconing software, through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and other technologies, which deliver targeted messages and track customer data.